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Jeff Bishop

Co-Founder and CEO of


   About Jeff Bishop

Being a member has its advantages. As a member of MENSA, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world, Jeff Bishop is part of an elite 2% of the population. He not only has this incredible gift, but he also has the skills to put it to good use. He is known as a master of in-depth stock market analysis and he has nearly 20 years of experience. Jeff Bishop has been continuously wowing people with his ability to pull in triple-digit returns throughout his investment career and he has become a multi-millionaire through the process. While he might trade any opportunity he sees, stock options have a special place in his heart.

His skills and abilities have enabled him to not only survive but also excel during trying financial times like the dot-com crash and the global financial crisis. In addition to being a genius, Jeff Bishop is fascinating for other reasons. People often refer to him as the “guru’s guru” – he has taken on the role of mentor to guide other leaders in trading. He is the Co-Founder, CEO, and Head of Options Trading at; an established trading educational company.

Jeff Bishop’s Background

Jeff Bishop holds an economics degree and a finance degree from the University of Texas. He is a natural entrepreneur, who has started multiple businesses that have made over $1 million. Things changed when he met Jason Bond who was teaching public school in upstate New York. After teaching Jason what he knew about trading, they started a service to teach others these same skills that has attracted 10,000’s of students over the years.

Soon, Jeff Bishop discovered he had a natural talent for trading. Once he paid off all his debt and bought a bigger house, he felt the security and freedom that comes from being financially independent and he quit his regular job. Another project that Jeff worked with Jason on is an instructional course called the Millionaire Roadmap, where the pair shared their best trading ideas and have built a community of aspiring traders.  Several of their students in this program have gone on to make over $1 million in trading profits themselves, including Biotech Breakouts Founder and Raging Bull educator, Kyle Dennis. His objective is to give his clients the highest reward with the least amount of risk. Members are taught how to make knowledgable decisions and his longstanding customers are a testament to his capabilities. In 2019, Raging Bull Trading was named as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America by the Inc. 5000 List, making it the fastest-growing company in New Hampshire. landed within the top 1,000 companies following a 465% growth over the last 3 years, coming only two spots behind Uber.

In both his teaching and trading styles, Jeff Bishop is clear, direct, and effective. He understands that time is money and he doesn’t bother clients with unhelpful information. He spends his time reviewing and analyzing the marketplace so his customers don’t have to. His sensible approach and wealth of knowledge has helped many people, like Kyle Dennis, become equipped with the tools they need to help them achieve success. For him, making money and conquering the stock market isn’t about buying flashy material possessions, it’s about security. He enjoys teaching people how to achieve this same feeling of security that comes from being self-made and free from debt.